Teambuilding VR experience

How to best train a team while also testing their knowledge and boosting their relationships? By playing a game of course. LEAP created a teambuilding experience, for small teams (up to 5 persons) that combines the following:

  • Strengthening of communication and team bonding
  • Testing of collective knowledge via fully customizable tailormade games
  • Enhancement of team problem-solving skills
  • Fun activity and an overall memorable experience

One member of the team is trapped while exploring a lost temple and the rest of the team must help him escape. The trapped member is the protagonist, and the other players need to assist him, using their knowledge in combination with good communication skills and team effort. The role of the protagonist, can change several times.

Multiple teams can compete at the same time. The team that escapes first, wins.

Game Duration:
30-60 minutes per session


  • -VR Headset with the Teambuilding VR escape room
  • -Manual/Instructions
  • -Optionally a mediator

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