Developing Ideas.



✔Digital innovation
✔Raw creativity
✔Efficient communication

LEAP is a creative studio that has gained a global presence for delivering elegant, engaging, and effective digital solutions. We strive to create the Wow effect on our projects by combining transparent technology and beautiful design. Our craftmanship is finding sophisticated solutions, emphasizing content values, and delivering simple, easy-to-use experiences.

✔Immersive experiences
✔Focus in interactivity
✔Proven track record

Virtual Reality is the only technology that can provide experiences with the ability to capture the user’s undivided attention for a few minutes. The level of achievable empathy and immersion is unprecedented and provides the user with knowledge and a memorable “hands-on” experience. Virtual Reality is a unique simulation and training tool, applicable to all business sectors.
Since 2015, LEAP has design and developed over 20 VR experiences, both local and abroad. We emphasize and focus our efforts on the essence of the experience, the user’s interaction with the environment and the creation of the feeling of empathy.

✔Improve your content quality
✔Deliver a memorable experience
✔Enable the WOW factor

Augmented Reality is the first technology that allows us to experience a unique fusion of the physical and the digital world. By using either printed material (leaflets, banners) or the actual physical environment as a trigger, we can create personalized experiences that can provide helpful information, enhance awareness, educate, or even entertain users. Through our vast experience in 50+ AR projects we can help bring your next idea to life.

✔Live reports & statistics
✔360 interactive content
✔User engagement & experience

Since 2011 LEAP has amassed vast experience in Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) and e-detailing. Having created our proprietary platform LEAPCLM and delivered over 500 interactive visual aids and support material for sales force and medical teams, LEAP is an established leader in the field. From the design of interactive visual aids, remote detailing and 360 campaigns to the creation of microsites, e-mail campaigns, pharmacoeconomic tools and live surveys, LEAP can help you plan and create your digital communication plan.

✔Tailored made native apps
✔Intuitive design
✔Agile development

Smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives and a very powerful tool that can help us in our work, teach us new things, guide us or entertain us for hours. Apps come in many forms, depending on their functionality and the target audience. Apps and software reform the world and have rapidly changed all business models and industries. It could be a native app for iOS or android, a web app or even a progress web app; in any of these scenarios, LEAP can help you determine the purpose and strategy of your app, in both the design architecture and the final implementation, ensuring the best possible solution to your end users.

✔Increase learner engagement
✔Improve knowledge absorption
✔Make learning fun and interactive

LEAP is one of the very first companies in Greece to combine gamification with Virtual and Augmented Reality, offering amazing experiences. In the few past years, we have developed multiple projects, mostly for the pharma industry, using advanced techniques and technologies such as Microsoft Kinect. In addition, LEAP specializes in game development for children and teenagers, having designed and developed over 300 games. We have collaborated with many publishing companies and magazines (ramkid, kidepedia, kidepedia Music, National Geographic, Power Kids) on the development and delivery of custom-made games. The games we develop can operate on all available platforms and operation systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Apple, Linux/Unix) and of course via web (Facebook or on a website).



Collaborating with LEAP is a breeze. We are consulting, planning, designing and developing turn-key solutions that fit your need. We don’t force any technology to you, we find the best solutions that matches your need. We give great importance to innovation and design and even more importance to data privacy and security.

LEAP is certified with ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27701:2019 and ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Austria and is GDPR compliant with an internal DPO. LEAP is deeply motivated and active in Social Responsibility for public and private health related foundations, providing sponsorships and voluntary work. ​


We gained a global reputation by using our deep knowledge and understanding of technologies, and our excessive focus on quality and design principles. Since then, we have been delivering award-winning projects and helping our clients grow. We have delivered hundreds of projects, ranging from apps, websites, and metaverse experiences to entire museums, installations and games.

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